Confirm Your Home Value!

FURNISHING EVIDENCE: a sound opinion of value must be reached.

  • We point you to use the facts you need to present in order to win.

  • There is absolutely no magic involved. All that is needed is the right evidence and an honest conclusion.

  • Only the right facts count and a logical presentation confirms value.

  • We want to help you win your case armed with the same evidence that a licensed real estate appraiser would present.

When You Have a Case, a Surefire Way for Lowering your Property Tax is to Make the Correct Adjustments.

  • With the right adjustment to your comparables and showing the right proof, you'll have the best odds to win your case.

  • We show you every way possible to win your case.

  • Use this comprehensive, logical, itemized workbook using actionable fact and figures plus advice based on experience from years working as a property tax consultant!

  • If you're not using these principles when working on your property tax appeal, you could be leaving a TRUCKLOAD of money on the table. Times are tough, and the tough may need some skilled help in order to prosper.



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