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The primary reason for looking behind the covers of a property tax assessment is FAIRNESS, JUSTICE, TRUTH & SURVIVAL. Who wants to be overcharged and over-paying their property tax year after year, again and again?

But how can one be sure their assessment is correct? Simple, one has to do it themselves. Sure one can hire someone to fact check, but that cost money. If one can do 5 th grade arithmetic, you have the skills. Anyone can accurately determine the market value of your home and determine in the property tax assessment is correct.

Most homeowners are under the “HOME ASSESSMENT” delusion in that they think assessment is the market value for their home. Actually, that “home assessment” equals the market value times a multiplier commonly called the sales ratio (which could be call by various names in different states and localities such as equalization rate, the average ratio, assessment level, director's ration, the common level of 100% of true value, the residential assessment ratio (RAR) throughout different jurisdictions.

The main take away is that the assessed value is what the taxing authority THINKS your property and residence are worth but that is NOT necessarily what your home will sell for in the open market.

For instance, say you have a $500,000 assessed home and are taxed $10,000. The sales ratio is 80%. That means the taxing authority thinks the market value of your home is $400,000 (assessed value divided by sales ratio = market value).

So you think you getting a bargain in that you're led to believe the town thinks your house is worth $500,000 and your taxed less than other homes that sold for $500,000. Thinking this way leaves you blindfolded.

To figure out what your home is actually worth in order to appeal a wrong assessment, one need to compare their home to other sold homes.

With the help of a professional guidebook that allows accuracy in determining the percentage adjustment for differences between a subject home and comparable homes, one has an edge. Survivability by knowing that the property tax assessment is right or needs to be appealed.

Considering the facts revealed by the Consumer Reports publication that a 40% error rate exists and the National Taxpayers Union publication that as many as 60 percent of homeowners are over-assessed is alarming. Even from data obtained from the MOD4 and SR1A files maintained by New Jersey County Assessors, 48% of all NJ homeowners are over-assessed. Why wouldn't other states be likely similar? What this means is that you have to do the math yourself. Otherwise you'll never know!

Every location is different. A good guidebook gives you all the various settings valuation guidelines and how to adjust for these different locational factors . A good view, a bad view, a good neighborhood location vs. a poor one makes a big difference. A noisy street, highway noise, graffiti, graveyards, high tension towers, high tension towers, unpleasant smells are a few negative situations that need adjusting for.

Simply compare other sold homes of similar square footage to your home. The guidebook shows you how to adjust for square footage differences .

There are other factors to adjust for in the comparable homes that come up. Garages, different size decks and yards, nearby good school and amenities, modern kitchen, pools, patios …and on and on. Even if it's your first time, putting these kinds of valuation adjustments on paper are accurate and not difficult.

There is this famous tax quote by Judge Learned Hand: “Nobody owes any public duty to pay more than the law demands.” If you are interested to learn more, click:  Property Tax Appeal Guide or copy and paste into your browser:

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(few are aware how to do this correctly) The clock is ticking, this may be your last chance. Property taxes home page


Fact:  .gov web sites will not inform you on what dollar adjustments to take for a category or furnish adjustment guidelines for you to use.

Fact:  .gov entities do not offer the exact advice you need or guide you to all the areas to adjust so you get property tax relief and help win your appeal.

Fact: When considering a property tax appeal, use a good property tax appeal guide.

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